Emma Caamaño

—Publication, Exhibition

i. Selected Projects

  1. 2023 RISD Yearbook
  2. SMS Motherhood
  3. Taller, typeface
  4. Twenty Questions
  5. Interview on Writing
  6. Ways of Communicating
  7. In the Mind of a Designer

ii. Commissions

  1. Newly Available Gallery

—Info & Contact

Emma is a graphic designer currently pursuing a BFA at the Rhode Island Scool of Design. Before moving to Providence, she spent time at the Corcoran School of Arts & Design in Washington, D.C. She has previously worked at Other Means and is currently at Design Guild.

At the moment, she is designing the 2024 RISD Yearbook, interning at included, and is starting to write her thesis. She is also spending lots of time thinking about craft broadly.

+1 201.456.4006

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i.3. Taller, typeface


—Typography, publication

            Taller draws its inspiration from the hand-carved merchant signs in Celtic Feasts in Galicia, Spain. These signs, along with manuscripts showcasing uncial script dating back to 1500’s Northern Spain, guided the look for the letterforms of Taller.
            The capitals, slightly pointed, exude an organic quality typical of Celtic typefaces characterized by large counterforms and broad stroke intersections. The lowercase letters are influenced from the prominent features of Iberian scripts, showcasing a "Northern treatment" with sloping hairlines at the top of ascenders and the base of descenders.

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