Emma Caamaño 
゚゚・。 graphic design @ RISD ・゚゚・。    writing everywhere else / NY & Spain


Fall 2021 / Spring 2022
v.1, a publishing platform for the ongoing work, ideas, discussion, debates, & aspirations of students at RISD

Spring 2022
Biomaterials* Garden, an open
source guide of grow-it-yourself, biodegradable materials

Spring 2023
Miller Knoll, poster for Miller Knoll Workplace Research Library inspired by toy kits

Spring 2022
Knit Book, a gallery book encasing knit patterns

Fall 2022
Making Collections Public, curating the idea that “things only exist within the context of other things”

Spring 2022

Crop Calendar, a laser cut
calendar that measures time
through vegetables

Fall 2022
Why I <3 Cherry Pie, an ode
through a short motion piece

Upcoming Works;

August 2023
RISD 2023 Orientation, Design Guild
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v.1 is a publishing platform for the ongoing work, ideas, discussion, debates, and aspirations of students at RISD.
In 2021, the editorial and design staff rebranded the publication’s content online and in print, beginning with the redesign of
the website, and the subsequent roll out of smaller publications.

Myself, Zoë Pulley, and Lydia Chodosh served as the primary designers of digital and print media, designing both the website and bimonthly publications that were distrubted within the campus. Beyond this, we worked to draft, brainstorm, and finalize editorial direction, learned introductory coding, assisted in public outreach [creating collateral such as posters, stickers, GIFS, etc.] and event planning, and recorded RISD’s student history.

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