Emma Caamaño

Spring 2023
SMS Motherhood, educating on the history of motherhood through designed objects and symbols

Spring 2023
Emergency Care Plan, a forest fire prep kit for the elderly 

Spring 2023
RISD 2023 Yearbook, a passport inspired yearbook designed with
the Design Guild

Spring 2023
Taller, a type specimen influenced by the hand-written merchant signs at Celtic Feasts in Galicia, Spain

Spring 2022
Interview on Writing, an interview with Michelle Millar Fisher /
author of Designing Motherhood

Summer 2020
In the Mind of A Designer, an interview book on contemporary graphic designers

Spring 2022
Ways of Communicating, a multi-chapter book with colorful slits

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Course: Type Design for Visual Identities
Professor: Richard Lipton

Taller, meaning “workshop,” is a type specimen influenced by the hand-written merchant signs at the Celtic Feast in Galicia, Spain. These signs and manuscripts of gothic and unical faces dating from the 1500’s in Madrid and Northern Spain, guided the look of Taller. 

The capitals, which are slightly pointed, hold a very organic character; this sort of decoration is traditional of Celtic typefaces which tend to have large counterforms and broad stroke intersections. The lowercase are based off of Iberian Textualis dominant characteristics, where the top of the ascenders and the base of the descenders exhibit a “Northern treatment” as they were given a sloping hairline.

The face was created for a speculative non-profit called “Talleres Abertos,” which would be a Galician association to support craftsppeople with free, open access spaces and resources to futher their work. In turn, the craftspeople would give back to the land and their people through education with: studio visits, workshops, apprenticeships, etc.

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