Emma Caamaño

Spring 2023
SMS Motherhood, educating on the history of motherhood through designed objects and symbols

Spring 2023
Emergency Care Plan, a forest fire prep kit for the elderly 

Spring 2023
RISD 2023 Yearbook, a passport inspired yearbook designed with
the Design Guild

Spring 2023
Taller, a type specimen influenced by the hand-written merchant signs at Celtic Feasts in Galicia, Spain

Spring 2022
Interview on Writing, an interview with Michelle Millar Fisher /
author of Designing Motherhood

Summer 2020
In the Mind of A Designer, an interview book on contemporary graphic designers

Spring 2022
Ways of Communicating, a multi-chapter book with colorful slits

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Design Guild
2023 Project

The RISD 2023 Yearbook, inspired by passports and passport photos. Hand stamped by designed and manufactured department-based stamps created by the team.

The Design Guild is a student-led studio designing for the Rhode Island School of Design & Brown University organizations.

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