Emma Caamaño 
゚゚・。 graphic design @ RISD ・゚゚・。    writing everywhere else / NY & Spain


Fall 2021 / Spring 2022
v.1, a publishing platform for the ongoing work, ideas, discussion, debates, & aspirations of students at RISD

Spring 2022
Biomaterials* Garden, an open
source guide of grow-it-yourself, biodegradable materials

Spring 2023
Miller Knoll, poster for Miller Knoll Workplace Research Library inspired by toy kits

Spring 2022
Knit Book, a gallery book encasing knit patterns

Fall 2022
Making Collections Public, curating the idea that “things only exist within the context of other things”

Spring 2022

Crop Calendar, a laser cut
calendar that measures time
through vegetables

Fall 2022
Why I <3 Cherry Pie, an ode
through a short motion piece

Upcoming Works;

August 2023
RISD 2023 Orientation, Design Guild
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Course: Color & Surface
Professor: Richard Rose

Overdyed Exhibition at the Dye House, Providence RI.

Led a workshop & talk @
Smithsonian Folklore Festival, Washington D.C.

Objective: Create a cohesive color palette that can range into a larger experience.

Biomaterials* Garden is an open source guide of grow-it-yourself, biodegradable materials. The jars serve as recipes for biomaterials, which have their corresponding outcome of a bioplastic adjacent; a printed bioplastic book and a poster, and a website which lends back to modern day work in biomaterials and allows for further research.

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